Life After End of Mine

Hillgrove Resources and KCCCC (Kanmantoo Callington Community Consultative Committee) are looking for ideas on how the Kanmantoo Callington region will develop and prosper into the future. Individuals and community groups are being asked to become involved in determining our future after mine closure (currently 2022).

For further information contact KCCCC members or go to the KCCCC page on Hillgrove Resources website

Artist Statement

End of Mine – Renewal

Mine closure and the opportunities it presents to the Kanmantoo/Callington community are many and varied

To some extent the way we respond to it (mine closure) is dependent on circumstances. But it is even more dependent on a strong and clear perception of ourselves and aspirations as a community.

In order to help define these aspirations I have come up with some visual suggestions, or starting points, to encourage dialogue and creative input from the community. From this, could come a myriad possibilities and opportunities to take us into a worthwhile and sustainable future.

The images have been created to portray the ambiance and character of the local landscape (Kanmantoo and Callington) but in a different context than currently exists. The basic premise for these sketches comes from the, culture, history and prevailing industry (mining) and what might be.

Garry Duncan